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Discover Resene colour expert team’s favourite shades

26 Apr 2023

Whether recommending them or painting with them, your Resene team know a thing or two about Resene paint colours. It can be hard to choose a favourite when you’re around thousands of striking colours each day, but our Resene Colour Consultants and Resene Colour Experts have narrowed down their most loved shades, along with where they work best, to give you some inspiration. 

Resene Forty Six

Background in Resene Unite, tray in Resene Forty Six, u-shaped vase in Resene White Noise, large vase in Resene Morning Haze and small vases in (from top left to bottom right) Resene Kinship, Resene Otter, Resene Dawn Glow and Resene Tuscany.

Michelle Aschoff​, Resene Colour Consultant, tells us her favourite shade is Resene Forty Six. She loves the depth and undertones it presents and recommends using it in master bedrooms and media rooms – which work best with dark shades for a cinematic vibe. Colours that pair well with Resene Forty Six are Resene Trek, a bitter espresso brown with a double shot of energy and subtle undertones of red, or Resene Westar, a stony hint of grey and brown, sedate and sensitive. 

Resene Half Rice Cake

Homeowners Christy and Simon painted their kitchen and hallway walls in Resene Half Rice Cake, while the ceiling is painted in Resene Quarter Rice Cake.

Resene Colour Consultant, Jill Marsh, has a timeless neutral for her favourite, Resene Half Rice Cake. This shade is perfect for interior walls, whether it be a new build, like Christy and Simon’s home above, or a renovation. The stunning, versatile neutral from the Resene whites and neutrals fan deck has a slight touch of yellow to it, making it the perfect colour to bring a little warmth to interior walls. Jill recommends Resene Palm Green, traditional and mossy, as a complementary colour, or a wood stain like Resene Colorwood tinted to Resene Natural.  

Resene FX Paint Effects Medium

If you prefer paint over paper, take your cue from this subtle ombre wall, created using a colourwash technique with Resene Half Raven, Resene Grey Chateau, Resene Double Concrete and Resene Half Concrete. We love its dreamy effect. Project by Claudia Kozub, image by Wendy Fenwick.

“A big thing at the moment is our Resene FX Paint Effects Medium where you combine a couple of colours together,” says Angela Fell​, Resene Commercial Colour Consultant. “I have used Resene Quarter Gravel for a base with Resene Atmosphere into the paint effect medium over the top, and it looks great. You can also dry brush Resene Gold Dust metallic paint over the top, this is really popular with the hospitality market at the moment.

“Mixing warmer tones such as Resene Quarter Nullarbor with Resene Blanc mixed into Resene FX Paint Effects Medium over the top gives a great Mediterranean finish. Resene FX Paint Effects Medium is a translucent product that allows you to add paint into it to create a limewashed effect over the top.”

Resene Xanadu

Homeowners Alex and Nichole said no to neutral and created this idyllic two-toned bathroom with walls in Resene Xanadu. The white beneath the dado line is in Resene Quarter Spanish White. The bathroom’s trim and ceiling are also in Resene Quarter Spanish White.

Amy Watkins, Resene Colour Consultant in Newmarket loves greens for a palette range. Her absolute favourite is Resene Xanadu, a smoky greyed green that has great depth and can hold its own against both stronger and lighter colours.

“I love seeing Resene Xanadu on interiors,” Amy says. “I myself have it as a feature wall in my bedroom, but it’s also a great living room or dining room colour. It’s a colour that you can paint onto all the walls or just a feature wall. You can pair it with other greens such as Resene Forest Green or Resene Green Spring or dusty pinks such as Resene Soothe, Resene Coral Tree or Resene Merlot.” 

Resene Half Fuscous Grey

The feature wall in this bedroom is painted in Resene Half Fuscous Grey, with surrounding walls and ceiling in Resene Quarter White Pointer. The comfy neutral bedding and complementary pillows give this room a harmonious and cohesive feel.

Jackie Nicholls, Resene Colour Specialist is a fan of Resene Half Fuscous Grey. “This is one colour that stands out as it is so stylish and versatile,” Jackie says. “The charcoal brown with a hint of plum has a wonderful soft smokiness for a darker colour and anything looks great in front of it. I have used it for fireplace walls, accent areas, small spaces and lounges or media rooms.

“It is a contemporary elegant colour that won't date, and works well with Resene Quarter White Pointer, Resene Quarter Stonehenge and Resene Dry Creek or Resene Del Rio. It can also look good outside perhaps on linear or garden walls and will appear lighter out in the sun.” 

We hope sharing these favourite colours will give you some inspiration for your own home. If you need some help finding your next favourite Resene colours visit your local Resene ColorShopAsk a Resene Colour Expert online or book in a Resene Colour Consultation today!

Published: 26 Apr 2023