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Shann Whitaker’s nature mural will blow you away

25 Jan 2023

In a charming town north of Auckland, Shann Whitaker has unveiled her nature mural that beautifies the area and celebrates her community. The talented local artist used an abundance of Resene paint colours to represent the natural landscape around Mangawhai.

Shann’s award winning mural sits at the Te Whai Trust Community Centre, allowing locals and tourists to view the wonderful work as they pass by.

Artist Shann Whitaker has called her mural 'The Interconnection of all Living Things', and was 1 of 10 artists from across the country who took out the top prize in the Keep New Zealand Beautiful and Resene Nature Mural Competition 2022.

The brief was to paint a mural with an environmental theme or message and to help beautify a local area. Shann's mural features elements of the local area and is visible to both foot and vehicle traffic along the main road in and out of Mangawhai. 

"The inspiration for my mural at The Te Whai Trust Community Centre is Mother Earth blowing her breath of creativity across Mangawhai (Bay of Stingray),” says Shann.

“The fish hooks symbolise a connection to the ocean while the ever changing weather creates a backdrop for our beautiful natural coastal community."

Shann used a selection of Resene paint colours in the mural including Resene Forest Green, Resene St Kilda, Resene Celebrate and Resene Red Hot. 

For more information about Shann’s mural and the Keep New Zealand Beautiful and Resene Nature Mural Competition see here:

Published: 25 Jan 2023