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Purr-fect pet projects

03 Mar 2023

These DIY animal crafts are purr-fection. As seen in habitat issue 38, give these pet projects a try to create a home that’s a castle for both you and your four-legged friend! From dog beds to litter houses and feeding stations, we've got you, and your furry friends, covered.

This DIY litter house is a ‘cat’ above the rest

Your cat will be ‘feline’ like a million dollars having their own trendy litter house to do their business. It will also help to hide the messy or smelly litterbox when you have guests over. With so many Resene paint colours to choose from, you can create a litter house that will blend into the surrounding colour scheme of your home and match your interior.

See steps here: DIY litter house


Create a stylish sleepy spot with this DIY dog bed

Is your doggo’s bed old and unsightly? Or perhaps you have a new pup joining the family? Try making your own dog bed so they have a cosy, stylish place to sleep. You can mix it up and use any colours you want, from bright reds or blues to dark colours or nice neutrals that suit your home, Resene has the paint colours to help make your pup’s bed something special.

See steps here: DIY dog bed 


Spoil your furry friend with this DIY dog feeding station

If you’re sick of placing sticky dog bowls on the kitchen floor, try making your own colourful dog eating station to keep things neat and tidy! You can match the colour to your home interior for a cohesive look and feed your pets in style.

See steps here: DIY dog feeding station

Published: 03 Mar 2023